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Learn about Vidaao’s workflows & tools, view online manuals and get your questions answered. We have tailored the content to folks that need videos created (i.e. clients) and folks who create them (i.e. creatives).



We recommend the best video creatives in 48 hours

Step 1: Submit Creative Brief

Our custom briefs help define the vision behind your video project and associated cost. It only takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Review Recommendations

Vidaao recommends 5 – 7 creatives based on the parameters of your project i.e. price, location, type of video. Here is a sample profile.

Step 3: Select Favorite

After speaking with creatives over phone/email and reviewing profiles, choose the best one.


Apply to join Vidaao’s creative community

Step 1: Create Vidaao profile to be reviewed

Here is a sample profile. We require you to upload at least three sample corporate videos. For each sample, we ask you to provide detailed information such as descriptions, approximate price to replicate etc…

Step 2: Vidaao Review

Vidaao’s Creative Director will review your profile page — looking at quality of video and general completeness. We also will look at your own website and LinkedIn profile. If there are any questions/concerns, we may set up an interview.

Step 3: Approval & Proposal Submission

Upon approval, you will received a confirmation email. Vidaao will then invite you to submit proposals on projects that we feel are a good fit.

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