The Commenting Tool

 The Commenting Tool

Vidaao’s time stamped commenting tool is the world’s easiest way to get feedback on rough/fine cuts.

1. Invite users to the rough cut

If a user isn’t already shared the project, share the rough cut with them by sending over your the review link.

Review Link

2. Play the video

Press play.


3. Pause video

When you want to make a comment at a specific time, pause the video.


4. Write comment

Type your comment into the comment box.


5. Press “comment” 

Click the comment button on the lower right hand corner of the video player and your comment is now time stamped!

click comment


6. Entire video comments

If you have non time specific comments, you can select to comment on the “entire video” and your comment will not be associated with a specific time stamp.

entire video

Happy commenting!