Video Request Tool

Video Request Tool

How are you currently getting requests from your internal stakeholders for new video projects? Is it a google doc? A printable form? Are we talking dozens of emails flying back and forth? Vidaao has created the Video Request Tool, a tool that allows you to get your video requests from internal stakeholders in a simple and streamlined way. Here’s how!

Enable the Ticketing System

1. Visit your account settings and enable the video request feature.

Enable Frame

Submit Requests

2. Send your brand’s Vidaao domain ( to your business owners. They will find the video request link on the top right hand corner of your landing page.

Request Page

3. Requesters will fill out a creative brief, describing their video project request. The questions asked in the brief will differ depending on what type of video your requester has selected.

Request Page Brief

More Brief

Process Requests

4. Once submitted, account administrations will receive email notifications and request will show up in the “Request Project” tab.

Look at more info

5. You can view your requester’s creative brief by clicking on the project.

Brief details and more

6. Accept, reject or put the project on hold. Your requester will get an email notification informing them of the project status.

decide what they are doing

7. If you accept, you will be asked to assign a producer to the project. It will then be moved to “Current Projects” and you can start managing the project.


8. If you reject the project, your requester will receive an email notification with a short message as to why the project is rejected. It will then be moved to “Past Project”.


9. If you put the project on hold, it will stay in the request tab.

On Hold